Successfully selling operating assets and real estate for 69 Wendy's restaurant
chain is no small fete. Eighteen months after attempting the sale to a strategic
buyer and negotiating with major financial institutions on my own, I realized that
we needed a specialist. Truly an Investment Banker, not a Broker. After a thorough
search, we were fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Jo-Ann, and
could not have been more pleased.

We were able to professionally market and sell the business to a financial buyer at
a price that exceeded what one could expect to receive from the customary strategic
buyer. Not only did Jo-Ann demonstrate perseverance and creativity navigating
through the various complex issues in selling to a sophisticated New York Financial
Fund, but I was amazed by her skill and professionalism as she managed the very
diverse interests involved. She is an excellent negotiator knows how to keep a
deal together.

Robert H Stine, General Partner of Orlando Foods, Ltd.
& Tampa Foods L.P., former owners of 69 Wendy's restaurants


“Jo-Ann was never more than a phone call away when key questions had to be answered quickly and accurately. Going through this process was so much easier
by having her facilitate the process and negotiate between the Buyer and Seller.
With her assistance, a win-win situation was achieved for both parties. “

Mike Treadwell, President & CEO of Ozark Restaurants, Inc., owner and operator of 42 KFC, KFC/Taco Bell, KFC/A&W, KFC/LJS, KFC/Rib Crib, and Rib Crib restaurants.


“Jo-Ann was always responsive to our needs. Starting with helping us to develop
clear and defined objectives in our search for a new business, she and her team put together a comprehensive package of opportunities and presented them in a thorough and understandable format. Once we had narrowed the prospects down to a few, she provided invaluable assistance to our team in bringing the purchase from concept identification to negotiated deal and successfully sourced the capital making the transaction a success. “

Eric Holm, President of Metro Corral Partners, Inc. and Georgia Bar B-Q, Co., owners and operators of 22 Golden Corral and
14 of Sonny's Bar B-Q restaurants