Mergers & Acquisitions
Placement of Debt & Equity
Valuations and Fairness Opinions
Strategic Advisory Services

Deciding on the right timing, agreeing to the right targeted value based on market
influences, and choosing the right Advisor are all critical decisions leading to value optimization. And, obtaining the highest price for your company requires a systematic approach to the selling process. With our expertise and thorough preparation, you can
be assured of fair terms and the most favorable price. It involves the following steps:

Identify the value drivers to determine the current market value of the business,
understanding the clients objectives, and preparing the business for sale

A descriptive Confidential Memorandum is prepared positioning the company
and business opportunity, including those you may have overlooked

The company is marketed to pre-qualified strategic and financial buyers

Management of the bidding process, review of bids and negotiations while
providing you with appropriate and timely guidance and solutions

Assist through the due diligence phase, structuring of the transaction, and negotiation of the terms and conditions.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Whether your goal is to create a stronger more viable business or gaining geographic,
market or competitive advantage, experienced professionals at Compass can help you
chart the course and deal with the various complexities in order to:

evaluate the course of action

analyze the options

recommend a solution

outline various capital structures and source financing

negotiate the terms to a successful merger or acquisition

assist in successful execution

Placement of Debt & Equity
Realizing your company's full growth potential and value doesn't just happen. A challenge
for most owners is how to determine the optimum capital structure or finding new and appropriate sources. With our proprietary modeling expertise, keen understanding of the economics of your business, and key relationships with financiers, private equity firms,
and other capital providers, we can assist you in securing the necessary capital for
enhanced growth and profitability. To do this we must:

Identify your long and short term objectives

Assess your business as to trends, competitive position and market dynamics

Outline the effects of various capital structures

Determine appropriate level of debt/equity

Prepare a Memorandum and solicit the targeted levels of capital

Review and assess proposals, provide negotiations assistance with business issues, and see the deal through to closing

Valuations and Fairness Opinions
For any number of reasons you may need to know the fair value of your company today
or an estimate of its value three years from now. Compass has the industry specific experience and credentials (CPA, CVA, and MSF) to provide you with a comprehensive analysis. An accurate and objective view of your business' true value is needed when preparing to sell all or a portion of your ownership interest in your company, when
obtaining financing, or for tax, estate, and gifting purposes.

Strategic Advisory Services
With the evolution of any business, you often are faced with important decisions at critical points. We have worked with Entrepreneurs, Management Teams, and Boards of Directors
to evaluate their strategic options and assist in establishing objectives and defining goals. Whatever your needs may be, we will tailor our approach to accomplish the objectives.
Select examples of these services are:

Joint Venture structuring and negotiation of critical financial terms& Strategic
Partner evaluation

Management Led Buyout representation inclusive of capital structure evaluation
and execution

Other Strategic and Business Planning

Each client will receive unbiased representation without conflict of interest as Compass Advisory Services, LLC is completely independent. Neither Compass nor its Principals are aligned or affiliated with any other advisory services firm, law firm, lender or industry financial provider.